What Kind of Shoes Do You Need At Unbeaten Fitness

some good looking shoes

What’s up, Unbeaten Family? What kind of shoes are you wearing to workout? If you are like me and want to make sure you get the best workout possible while also keeping your body in the best shape you can, you may have wondered if you have the correct shoes! Well, I did the research so you don’t have to!

Benefits of having the correct shoes:


In our HIIT workouts at Unbeaten Fitness, we do a lot of quick movements and a lot of explosive movements. This calls for shoes with better traction so there is no slipping and sliding on the workout floor. Slipping is one of the main causes of knee injuries. 


When you are working out, you want to have the best range of motion possible in your shoes to get the most out of each movement. If you are doing calf raises or jump squats and your stiff shoes cause you to not be able to get that full bend in the arch of your foot, you won’t be able to engage your calf muscle as much as if your shoe was more flexible. 


In a group session we like to incorporate explosive motions to shock the muscle into growth. In any lower body explosive movement, you need a shoe that will provide a cushion to land on AND propel from. Without this cushion, it will make more wear and tear on your ankles, knees, and hips. 


Almost above all, you want your shoes to be comfortable. I sure do not want to be working out and my feet hurt on top of the pain from being sore from the last workout, so when I choose what shoes to walk into the gym in, I make sure I want to be in them. 


And MOST IMPORTANTLY make sure your workout shoes look🔥fire 🔥. I prefer and enjoy when other members have some neon colors in their shoes to GLOW under the black lights. I think it’s a fun aspect to add that you won’t get in any other gym in the area. 

Where to look and what to get:

So, long story short, having better workout shoes is important, but not the end of the world if you love working out in your New Balances. I know some members like working out in just socks, and that’s awesome! The REAL most important thing is to enjoy what you are wearing (or not wearing) 

Click HERE a link to a website that I approve of having great shoes for HIIT workouts.

Click HERE for a link to the shoes that I wear and LOVE for workouts and running!

Click HERE to take you to the type of shoes Coach Cassie likes to wear.

Click HERE to see the shoes that Coach Brandi wears in her workouts!

Who are we?

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